Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

WOW! I am sure everyone in the world now has heard about this miracle in NYC. This is truly a miracle! A US Airways jetliner filled with 155 people on board heading from La Guardia Airport in New York to North Carolina, lost power after striking birds in the air and within 5 minutes from takeoff, Pilot Sullenberger was amazingly able to make a split second decision to glide the plane into the Hudson River and that decision ended up saving EVERY single person on that plane! I can not even imagine how scared all those passengers muct have been realizing the engines were on fire and smelling the jet fuel and then hearing over the intercom "Brace for Impact", but if I have never witnessed a miracle before - there certainly was one here in the Hudson River! I just find this picture amazing. Here are the passengers of the plane, standing on the wings of the plane that is slightly submerged in the water so it looks like these people are standing on water!

All I can say is "GREAT JOB" to Mr. Sullenberger, the co-pilot, the flight attendants and all the rescue people in the boats that came to the rescue of all those passengers within minutes of the crash!

If I ever am in a plane again, I sure hope Pilot Sullenberger is at the drivers helm!

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