Thursday, January 8, 2009


UGH! That is how I feel right about now!

I didnt wake up in the very best way, having a HORRIFIC headache and my tummy hurting and just feeling yucky, but I wasnt in a bad mood and as the day went on, I was feeling better, but my mood got worse!

I got to sleep in till 9am and after taking a shower and getting a few things done around the house, I picked Rebecca up from school and took her to an ortho appointement. After that, she and I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. That was nice since we hardly ever get to spend time just her and I alone since she is always in school, or taekwondo or with daddy and I am usually working!

Well anyway, Ellen asked Daddy to take her to work, so he did - in her car! Apparantly she got mad that they were taking her car and she made some nasty, uncalled for 17 year old sassy and rude comments! Well, Jason decided to walk in the house screaming at me - ME! of ALL people! I wasnt even there! Well,, he comes in screaming "I sure hope you can drive the Maxima because that is the last time I am driving it!"

HUH? WHAT? First of all, he knows I can not drive the Maxima.

THAT was one of the things I told him I KNEW was going to cause a problem, because it is a stick shift and I dont know how to drive a stick shift!

Well, he basically was mad and was venting about the fact that Ellen asked him why they were taking her car, and he just said, "because". Well, she got all mad saying he is ALWAYS driving her car and he has his own car and he is putting miles on her car, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!

First of all, he doesnt ALWAYS drive HER car! We just got it 5 days ago! The only time he has driven it was on his 2 day trek home from Ohio after buying it and when he picked her up after work last Sunday and took her for a 1 hour lesson and one other time when he drove us all out to eat but she sat in the front so she could see how he was pushing in the clutch and shifting gears, watching the rpms, etc... AND, it is not HER car! Jason's name is on the title! We paid for half of it and she is up for a rude awakening if she thinks she is going to throw that phrase in our face! HA! SHe has another thing coming!

I know he is a man, and doesnt handle this sassy 17 year old girly girl teenager very well (Never has) - BUT to walk in and be mad at ME? I DONT THINK SO!

I start yelling at him that he is barking up the wrong tree. He has no right to come in the house all mad and start yelling at me over something Ellen did or said! If he is mad at her, then he should talk to HER and deal with HER about it - NOT ME!

He knw I was right, but couldnt admit it, so he says (in a MUCH calmer tone), "I am not mad at you, I am just trying to have a conversation with you over what happened!"

Well buddy, let me tell you - you need to work on your "bringing up a conversation approach", because this way doesnt work and especially not with me!

Of course, then he is even more mad now and walks away and we eat dinner in silence and then he leaves to take Becca to Taekwondo.

Now, dont get me wrong, we HARDLY EVER fight! But these things, this kind of attitude just IRKS me!

I am sure everything will be fine and back to normal when he gets home, but let me tell you - Ellen is going to have one long talk with her momma tonight when she gets home from work!

I love her because she is my daughter and my first born, but let me tell you - during these whole teenage years, I have not been liking her very much!

Sometimes I look at her and she doesnt even feel like she is my daughter! She is like her own person, a girl coming and going who I happened to know and tolerate in the house! When did that happen?

I know she didnt mean to say what she did in the way she did, but the sad thing is that I know she meant what she said. She can be very selfish and just had her head up her a.. when she was saying those things to her dad! I dont even know if she appreciated ALL he went through to get her this car!??!

UPDATE: Ellen apologized to Jason all on her own! I did not have to say a word to her about it!
Although Jason was still upset with her about how selfish and un-grateful she can be and was, I was proud of her for realizing on her own and deciding on her own to apologize to him! She got NO prompting from me (since I honestly forgot to say anything to her when she got home from work!)
On the other hand, she was a very happy girl on Tuesday. After going through a horrible break-up with Branden (the love of her life for 1 year), she hasnt had a boyfriend in over 3 months. She has had some guys come around and call her that like her, but No real guy she wanted to call "Boyfriend". Well, that all changed Tuesday. Tyler offically asked her out at school. He is a boy from her school that she has known for like over 5 years and they have been "friends" but I think there has been some flirting going on recently. He seems like a really nice and sweet boy, but I have only met him twice and both times were for less than 1 minute. He has pale white, smooth skin, red hair and just seems very "soft". He is very nice and respectful. All that matters is that he really likes Ellen and Ellen likes him and right now he makes her happy which she hasnt been in a long while!

I remember what it felt like to be heart broken and feeling down in the dumps, so I am glad to see a smile on her face again and see that glow in her cheeks knowing that someone out there likes her! I am looking forward to getting to know this boy more!

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