Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, Since my last post, I have started back to work, watched the season premiere of my most favorite show in the world - LOST! Gone to my first digital crop, and have spent hours doing lesson plans and planning for both Tiers of the Transitions Class I am teaching. Plus - Ellen decided that dating Tyler was not working out. She said that since they had been such good friends for so many years, it felt weird - like she was dating her brother. They never really saw each other or did anything, so it really sort of fizzled out on its own, but they were able to remain good friends and that was what she was wanting! She has been hanging out with Branden again. They talked and decided that all the fighting and bad vibes going on between them was dumb and tiresome, so they are friends once again and are talking to each other and seeing each other more frequently now. I am sure that down the road, they will end up back together again - Just like Chris had always said, and I dont mind if they do... I just told her she needed to be sure she was able to forgive everything from the past with him, able to accept him for the way he is, able to start fresh with him and not from the point of view like they have already been dating for a year, and they should take it very slow and be open and honest with each other from the start.

So far, from what I can tell - they are doing just that. Well see what happens... like they say, only time will tell.

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