Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day

Well, The beauty of being a teacher - a part time teacher at the local college is that I am off for about a month during the Christmas season. Well, I have been off more than most of the regular working people ---- My class doesnt actually start till Jan. 21st, but I did go back to work today to test 2 potential students wanting to enroll in the class. The nice thing is that I get paid for it!

Now, You are probably wondering why I have a picture of an elliptical on my blog today, arent you? This is whay... Jason and I bought one today!

I started my day early. REALLY early! I got up at 5am because I woke up with a stuffy nose and just couldn't go back to sleep. SO I got up, put on my sweats, made coffee, read the paper and then got in the shower and dressed. Took Ethan to school by 8am, checked e-mail, tried to do a webinar online but I lost connection and got frustrated when I got back on, so I gave up and instead got all the stuff ready for the testings I had to do later on in the afternoon.

At 11am, Jason and I went to eat Thai food (yummy!) and by 12 noon we were headed to Dick's sporting goods to look at and maybe buy an elliptical.

His doctor told him he should get one since having 2 knee surgeries. It is easier on the knees than the treadmill, so he did hours of research on Sunday and finally decided on one that he found out they sold at Dick's.

We tried it on for size, liked it and decided - Yep, that is the one we want.

We bought it although it had to be special ordered and then will be delivered hopefully some time next week, Then he went home to work and I went to Best Buy to return my Christmas gift from Donald that didnt work and I looked at the portable printers. Ended up getting the HP Photosmart 637. I was bummed though because I tried to print a picture from my memory card to see the quality of it and they were out of black, so the picture was horrible - mainly all red!

The good news is that it was on sale Plus I got a free pack of photo paper and the machine is RED and I only paid like $20 for it because I had all the rest in store credit from returning Christmas gifts!

Then I ran to work and tested 2 students in about a 2.5 hour span.

I got done about 6:30pm and then Jason calls and says "Do you mind stopping at the grocery store and buying milk and pop-tarts?"

Sure... I will be home later than I wanted to, hungry and still have laundry in the washer and dryer, still have to do homework with the kids, etc, etc, BUT I WILL DO IT!

So, I stop at the grocery store, buy more groceries than just milk and pop-tarts and get home around 7:30pm. Realize The Bachelor is already on and I watched that all the way through to the end of True Beauty.

Have you seen this show... True Beauty? It is really kinda' funny! These people are so vain! They are thinking that they are on this show to see who is the most beautiful person, which of course they ALL theink they are, but what they dont know is that they are being watched all the time and are also beign judged on their inner beauty! They are presented with different tasks, some they know about and some they dont to see how they do and then 1 goes home at the end of the show having to learn and see all they did bad showing they dont have inner beauty!

The girl who left last week was HILARIOUS! She tried so hard to justify herself!

I swore off The Bachelor a while ago, but since it is Jason from the last Bachelorette show, I decided I wanted to watch. I fell in love with him from The Bachelorette and just cried when he wasnt picked! I REALLY hope he picks the right girl and falls in love with the right person for not only him, but his son, Ty! There are some pretty caddy girls and immature girls on this show - as usual and some that are obviously NOT ready to be a mother!

Well, tomorrow hopefully should be fun day for me. I am going to try to catch up on some scrapbooking. Finish the calendar I was working on this past Saturday and maybe even do some digital stuff!

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